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What several clients have to say:

I am no longer terrified of presenting to a large audience. With Sara’s help I recently gave an extraordinary technical presentation to colleagues and peers at a large international engineering conference. I now have confidence in my ability as a speaker and look forward to future opportunities to show off my newly-developed presentation skills.
Thank you Sara!

Mark Hegge, Mechanical Engineer
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

Sara quickly honed in and helped me to strengthen a few specific style, delivery, and content issues. By addressing these key items, she improved my overall presentation. She made me feel more confident about my abilities by pointing out strengths that I can now more consciously and effectively use to my advantage when I present. Sara is a true pro in every sense of the word. If you want to become a more powerful and effective speaker, I strongly recommend Sara.

Judy Murdoch, Guerrilla Marketing Specialist
Highly Contagious Marketing

My latest team meeting was a tremendous success! Previously my employees were dozing off during our monthly lunch assembly. Now, instead of standing at the screen and reading them the information, I walk around the room and tell stories. That has made all the difference!!!! No one was sleeping during that meeting, and there was a lot of interaction between people in the room. Also, people were laughing at my little jokes from the onset. The mood was jovial, productive, and on the mark! Thank you for your insight, Sara!

I also recently did an old presentation with my new found and well-coached skills. After the presentation, I was told that I was a very polished speaker. I also received an email from a colleague who told me that the 'old and jaded folks mentioned how good the presentation was. They specifically mentioned that of all the training classes they had been to this was the stand out in that it produced something really useful. High praise from people who aren't usually impressed.' Thanks again!

Dan Berry, Engineering Manager
Mechanical Engineering Instruments & Sensors Group, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

As the author of Solving the Retirement Puzzle I knew that I needed to be able to promote my book, but I was very apprehensive about public speaking. After I was invited to make a presentation to 300 financial planners at the annual meeting of the Financial Planning Association I probably spent as much time thinking about how happy I would be when the speech was over as I did preparing for it.

Sara Schaffer's coaching made all the difference in the world for me. She gave numerous suggestions on how to improve the content and presentation, but probably her biggest contribution was helping me gain confidence in myself. She convinced me that what I had to offer was a gift that my audience would truly appreciate and that any minor mistakes I made during the presentation would be irrelevant.

By the fateful moment, I felt well-prepared and a sense of calm washed over me. The results were absolutely astounding. For the first time I delivered a presentation that received more than polite applause. Over the next couple of days many people thanked me for the presentation, a few said it was the best one of the conference, and one even went so far as to say it was the best presentation he had ever heard at an FPA meeting. One day earlier, this kind of response would have been inconceivable to me. But it happened.

Sara has won my complete gratitude and trust. I heartily recommend her to anyone who is faced with the hurdles I had in front of me.

J. Peter Lindquist,
Life Puzzles, LLC

As a member of Toastmasters International, I have found Sara's coaching to be invaluable.

Through simplifying my speeches and using an outline, Sara has helped me positively impact my audience. One of my reviewers said my last speech was focused and well done. According to him/her, I knew [the] subject matter very well and had noticeable improvements in speaking. I give Sara credit for her expertise in public speaking, coaching, and great advice.

Now I eagerly look forward to presenting my speeches.

Kathy Lopez, Sr. Desktop Publisher
Communication Services, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

What I learned in my class with Sara has made the difference between my presentations being dry recitations of information and being dynamic tools for making the audience sit up and listen. I am sure that this will help my company's chance of winning the new business we are going after.

David Down, Engineer,
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

As a result of Sara's coaching my confidence as a speaker has increased 100%, and I am getting great feedback on my presentations. Consequently my business has increased! I highly recommend that any professional who wants to have a more polished and impactful presentation go see Sara!

Elizabeth Powers
President of LifeWorks!

Sara was a tremendous help with my first public speaking activities. Specifically, she was able to point towards the successful use of humor and provided encouraging feedback that put me at ease. Though public speaking can be difficult and nerve-wracking it is much more pleasant when one can begin with a feeling of confidence.

Sean Flaherty, CPCM Contracts Manager
Defense Operations, BATC

Sara is really perceptive at picking up subtle things from hand gestures to power point slides in order to help serve as a 'mirror' to me, the presenter. This way I am able to make the needed improvements in my presentation. She is also really good at understanding the flow and purpose of someone's talk/presentation and then gives insightful comments as to how to sharpen, condense and improve its impact to the listener.

Rob Harter, Pastor
Flatirons Community Church

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