Present Like A Pro: Inspiring Others to Discover, Delelop & Delight in Their Strengths

Sara Schaffer is a Motivational Speaker and Presentation Coach.
Her passion is helping others develop their potential as people and communicators.

Sara Schaffer

As a Motivational Speaker, Sara trains corporate and professional organizations in outstanding presentation skills. With a background in music education, Sara is a natural at both entertaining and instructing her audiences. Her captivating, practical, and inspiring presentations have proven to help her clients increase their speaking confidence and bottom-line profits.

As a Presentation Coach, Sara offers teleseminars, individual coaching, free weekly e-newsletters and an on-line skill survey to help people assess and advance their speaking skills. Sara coaches individuals from a variety of professional fields including engineers, pastors, and small business owners.
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Sara is a professional member of the National Speaker's Association. She is also an Advanced Toastmaster Bronze, and in 2002 she won the Boulder Colorado Area International Speech contest through Toastmasters International.

Sara speaks on several topics including the following:

“How to Capture Your Customers' Attention and Business” is a compelling presentation on the power of storytelling. Discover how to construct and deliver narratives that will keep your clients' focus and loyalty. Also, learn how to incorporate stories into any sales presentation to add depth, increase understanding, and produce amazing results!

“Leading with Purpose” is a fundamental concept for effective business executives to grasp. It is challenging, however, to integrate the ideals of purpose into day-to-day reality. In this presentation, Sara focuses on the discovery of one's individual mission and the development and manifestation of purpose as a leader. Become inspired to lead with your strengths and to help others to become more fulfilled and productive in all areas of life.

“5 Secrets to Presenting Like A Pro” is a dynamic and practical presentation that will help you deliver your very next message with more power and results. Take your presentations to the next level by learning and applying these helpful hints!

“Executive Presentation Skills” is a group training session designed to bring talented professionals to the next level in their public speaking skills. Contact Sara for more details and to discuss a tailored version of this course for your business.

In addition, Sara will work with you to customize a presentation or training course for your company. For booking information, contact Sara today at 303-818-2509 or .

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Professional Experience & Achievements

Three years of experience as a Presentation Coach for business leaders and pastors. Clients report ability to articulate their message more confidently and clearly resulting in increased effectiveness.

Creator and presenter of a dynamic training course to help new speakers decrease nervousness and improve impromptu speaking skills.

Mentor of individual speakers at all levels, assisting them in all aspects of speech creation and delivery to help them become polished, confident, and award-winning speakers.

Keynote speaker at major corporations.

Winner of Area Toastmasters International Speech Contest, 2002.

Attained Advanced Toastmaster-Bronze, 2002.

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